IR-704 Multi-Spectral Target System

The IR-704 system integrates a Blackbody source, Motorized Aperture wheel, Motorized Filter Wheel, High Speed Shutter and High Speed Filter Shutter. The system was designed as a forced air-cooled Multi-Spectral, Multi-Aperture target system for direct integration with collimator / target projection systems, but can also be used as a direct target system. System operations are controlled by an internal microprocessor with RS-232 / RS-485 control interface, or an auxiliary direct hardware port.

The system is optically arranged with a ¼” Cavity Blackbody source, 4 position aperture wheel, 4 position filter wheel, filter solenoid and shutter solenoid. Each of the assets are individually controlled via Serial port commands to allow Blackbody temperature control, Aperture selection, Filter selection, Shutter solenoid activation and Filter solenoid activation.  The activation time of the shutter and filter solenoids is less than 5 milliseconds to allow target high-speed progression from Off to Dual filtered to filtered in less than 10 milliseconds. (components pictured on the left)

The individual control ability of each of the IR-704’s systems allows for 32 different combinations of Filter / Aperture / Shutter selections coupled with a variable temperature blackbody source, from 50° C to 1050 °C provide virtually limitless variability in Infrared energy output levels.

  • Internal blackbody controlled by IR-301 Controller
  • RS-232 Interface allows remote control of all functions
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    Dimension Drawings [PDF]