Laspec Software

The LASPEC  (Laze – spec) Software was developed specifically for the IR-3216, IR-6416, and IR-0144 systems. The software is written in Labview 7 and all of the source files, with exe and installer are provided.

The main screen presents the data gathered from the detector array, with the external input values listed to the right of the main graph.

All of the values presented are scaled to 10 Volt levels.

The software allows the user to change the integration parameters, such as Integration Gate Delay Time, and Integration Gate Width Time. Having the integration gate just slightly wider than the signal pulse will provide the best signal to noise.

The Scan Mode selector above the main graph selects the type of scan acquired: Background, Reference, Sample, Sample/Reference, Chopped and Zero External Inputs. The background is the residual level of the inputs without any laser power applied to the detector. Reference is the full laser power applied without any sample (100% scan). And the sample scan is the difference between background and sample, and the Sample/Reference is the sample data divided by the reference data, where a value of 1 indicates maximum. Zero External Channels allows the residual DC level to be subtracted from the External inputs.

Chopped Mode is for using a chopper in the optical path to alternately acquire  reference and signal data points. External Input #16 is used for connecting the output of the chopper sync signal to the system. The software will monitor the level at External Input #16 and use this information to determine the phase of the data acquisition.



Laser Pulse Repetition Rate:  0 to 2Khz. (1.8Khz with IR-0144)
Integration Time:  Adjustable in 10 ns steps between 54 to 2600 ns.
Integration Delay:  Adjustable in 2 ns steps between 30 to 520 ns.
Integrator Type:  Boxcar type, Low noise, current steering, auto-reset, integrator section.
Photoconductive: HgCdTe (MCT)-Low Noise 10 Mhz Amplifier with Bias.
Photovoltaic: InSb – Low Noise FET 5 Mhz Amplifier with Zero Volt Bias
HgCdTe (PVMCT) – Low Noise 10 Mhz Amplifier with Zero Volt Bias
A/D Conversion: 16 Bit, +10V to –10V input Multiplexed 16 channels / AD converter
Maximum Number of samples: 1 Million complete scans of all channels
FIFO Memory: 1024 x 16 FIFO Memory
Data Communications: FIFO Memory is read out by a 10 Mhz digital communications port.
Signal: Approx. 7 Volts from 80 femtosecond laser at 7 um
EQV Noise: Less than 1.5 nv/Hz1/2 at Input.
System Signal to Noise: >>100 db (100,000:1) at 1000 scans p-p
Digital Noise: +/- ½ LSB
Typical System Noise: +/- 2 LSB rms (1000 Scans @ 2Khz Laser Rep Rate)
Digital Dynamic Range: -32767 to + 32767 = 65535 (16Bits)
Analog Dynamic Range: -10 V to +10 V