MCT-1000 (HgCdTe) Detector Preamplifier

The MCT-1000 was specifically designed to operate with Photoconductive Mercury Cadmium Telluride detectors. The low noise and high gain aspects coupled with a precision constant voltage bias provide an ideal complement to these detectors.

The MCT-1000 preamplifier provides the MCT detector with all of the interface circuitry required for optimum operation. No external bias or load resistors are required. Typical noise values are <1.5 nv/Hz-1 referred to the input.

Special configurations for high speed, high gain, and operation with PV (photovoltaic) HgCdTe detectors are available.

The MCT detector is connected to the input BNC connector with an SMA – BNC cable typically supplied with the detector. Positive and Negative 15 Volt DC power supplies with at least 200-milliampere output (100 ma for -15V) are required. The detector bias is internally provided, and the bias voltage (or current) is adjustable from typically 0V to +2.5 Volts. The electrical bandwidth is internally set to 1.5Hz to 200Khz; other bandwidths (up to 5Mhz) are available.

Adjustable gain provides variable signal amplitude typically from 50 to 1000 times. The Bias Voltage and Gain are affected by the detector impedance, and as all detectors are slightly different in resistance, there will be a slight variation in maximum bias voltage and maximum gain.